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Safe store keeping

Short-term storage, redistribution and packaging of your goods

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Warehouse services

Full range of warehouse services for your business

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Logistic services

Infrastructure Talman Logistic allows you to carry out cargo transportation to dozens of countries all around the world, as well as provide related services and integrated solutions.

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Customs brokerage services

Full support and clearance of cargo imported into the territory of Ukraine

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Safe store keeping


Warehouse services


Logistic services


Customs brokerage services

Our advantages

Innovative solutions

Remote tracking, video surveillance, supply chains in real time

High-quality service

Full transparency, personal manager, informing clients, flexible pricing

Modern transport

Capacious, efficient and fast equipment for transportation on any distances

Optimal location in Kiev

Fast delivery in the city, easy to find and convenient access

About us

Talman Logistics is one of the most developed logistics companies in Ukraine with a full range of transport and warehouse services. For 25 years of hard work, we have created a developed infrastructure with modern equipment and built reliable partnerships in dozens of countries around the world. Today we are ready to provide our experience, technical and organizational base to increase the efficiency of your work: full service, transparent terms of cooperation and complex solutions for your company. Talman Logistic - wheels and support for your business!

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Transport logistics from Talman

When transporting goods from different countries, transport logistics plays an important role. If it is absent, the whole process is doomed to failure, especially when the conditions of carriage are violated and the deadlines are missed. Talman company provides a full complex of logistics services, and takes into account all the features of national logistics in Ukraine. 

Talman logistics company: profitable conditions

The international process of transporting goods is a rather difficult task, you need to solve and think over all the nuances. A logistics transport company performs the main tasks – it is the organization of the process of fast delivery of goods with minimal material and time costs. Logistics managers carry out the selection of transport for the transportation of goods. Talman logistics company offers fast, reliable and high quality logistics.

Talman company advantages:

Also, the logistics company provides additional services:

Transport logistics: significance and objectives

The importance of transport logistics, as a separate type, was formed due to significant material costs and the impossibility of organizing the material flow without transport. Transport logistics refers to the field of logistics, which optimizes logistics operations on the path of the material flow from the supplier to the end consumer, which are carried out using vehicles. 

Transport logistics tasks:

The choice of transport is influenced by various factors, it mainly depends on the type of cargo, cost, quality of roads, purpose of transportation and distance. In current conditions, the role of transport services is not determined by the interest of an individual recipient, but by the best ratio of costs and profits in the specified cycle of production and consumption.

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