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Talman provides companies and individuals with fully equipped warehouses for goods and cargo with full service and related services. Comfortable rooms that meet the standards of any storage class.

Talman warehouse is located in a convenient location in Kiev with a well-equipped entrance and well-developed transport infrastructure - an ideal option for any business. Take your logistics to the next level with a new warehouse!

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Warehouse rental Kiev: modern A-class warehouse and professional service

Most large companies are faced with the need for temporary storage of goods; many buy warehouses for this. However, buying a warehouse space is a major investment. In addition, not all companies need a warehouse on an ongoing basis. In this case, renting a warehouse in Kiev would be an ideal solution. The company is not tied to a time frame, because the lease of a warehouse in Kiev can be short or long term. The lease term directly depends on the delivery time of the goods.

Renting a warehouse in Kiev: which class to choose

Previously, warehouses were made from unnecessary premises of manufacturing enterprises or simply outdated buildings. However, today everything has changed, there are requirements for equipping warehouses, so warehouses are being built purposefully and have the necessary infrastructure. Lease of warehouse premises Kiev from the Talman company is a new warehouse with modern equipment and qualified personnel.

The cost of renting warehouse premises directly depends on the following factors:

  1. Arrangement of access roads;
  2. Warehouse equipment;
  3. Location relative to central highways.

It is on these parameters that the warehouses are divided into four classes – A, B, C and D. Talman offers a class “A” warehouse. This building, which was built specifically for the purpose of organizing a warehouse, is located near a traffic intersection, is made of lightweight structures and has a floor covering. In addition, it has the following advantages:

Warehouse rental Kiev from Talman: cost and features

The first thing that all clients who need to rent a warehouse in Kiev pay attention to is its cost. It directly depends on the area of the warehouse and the area that you need to rent. In order to find the most suitable compartment for you, always inform the categories and type of goods, because this is the only way to ensure proper storage conditions. For example, in order to store multimedia and computer equipment, you need to rent a warehouse in Kiev, which is necessarily heated.


Talman offers a class “A” warehouse, as well as free unloading of the first batch of goods, the ability to choose the type of storage (floor, cells, racks).

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