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Warehouse packaging

Sorting and packaging of products for safe transportation and storage

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Warehouse packaging





What does the packaging of the goods include?

When providing a packaging service, Talman specialists independently sort the goods arriving at the warehouse, determine the optimal type of packaging depending on your requirements and pack the goods for delivery to the client, transportation or further safe storage.
You can order both primary packaging of goods and repackaging using branded packaging and technologies to ensure the integrity of the cargo.

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Our advantages

Cooperation with large customers

Fast and timely delivery of goods to retail chains and distribution companies

Transparent supply chain

Track your cargo in real time through geolocation and video surveillance

Developed logistics

Warehouses and transport for your goods are already prepared, delivery without delay

High-quality service

Certified warehouses, qualified personnel and timely execution of orders


Years of work


Satisfied customers


Total number of cars


We have handled tons of cargo

How the warehouse management system works

Warehouse accounting is carried out using a special warehouse management program - WMS Qguar pro, thanks to which you can increase the transparency of all operations with goods - control possible unauthorized actions of employees, find and correct errors that they make. The WMS system is capable of creating a large number of tasks, which significantly increases the efficiency of the workflow. It is used to facilitate business administration, since all accounting and logistics processes can be combined into one unit.

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Packaging for goods: evidence of quality products

Product packaging combines the main elements of integrated marketing: price, sales, product and its promotion. In addition to factory packaging, stores use their own branded packaging, since many buyers can choose a product based on it, because they consider good packaging to be evidence of decent quality.

Product packaging: purpose

There are several types of packaging for the functioning and purpose:

There are different types depending on the material of the product.

Warehouse packaging: features

In a warehouse, packaging of goods should provide convenience, this is its main task. Packing of goods in the warehouse is paid by agreement of both parties.

Export packaging of goods is created only if the necessary conditions are met:

Some products require special packaging. It is also imperative that the sale date and the date when the goods were manufactured be on the packaging. Talman company offers services of sticker and repackaging of goods, application on products or their packaging, tags, various symbolic, digital, alphabetic, alphanumeric characters.

Product labeling performs basic tasks such as:

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