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Warehouse inventory

Professional check of goods and goods in your warehouse

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Turnkey warehouse inventory

Talman specialists will carry out a full inspection of your warehouse, inspect and label all goods, identify shortages and damage. Provision of an electronic register and preparation of proposals for storage optimization is included in the service package.

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Inventory of warehouse processes

One of the main processes that controls the business is the inventory of the warehouse. Despite the large quantity of goods, special attention should be paid to the inventory of the warehouse. The main purpose of the inventory is to determine the availability of goods, shortages, to determine the condition and storage conditions.

Warehouse inventory: rules for conducting

Inventory of goods in the warehouse is carried out automatically using a warehouse program and data collection terminals by reading bar codes. The inventory of the warehouse should be carried out at least once a year, but in practice it happens more often. If there are products in the warehouse that have been given for special storage, the inventory is carried out once a month. When carrying out an inventory in a warehouse, the most valuable information is the location of the goods. This information is often used to compile a “warehouse map”, or for organizing targeted storage of products.

How is the inventory of goods in the warehouse carried out?

Talman has a staff of highly professional operators and special equipment. The inventory in the warehouse is carried out by order of the General Director, which refers to the warehouse of the inventory commission and the timing. During the inventory, the movement in the warehouse does not stop, as Talman company can carry out a partial inventory. 

If the goods arrived when the inventory of goods in the warehouse is carried out, it is allowed to be accepted with the permission of the chairman of the inventory commission, in this case the goods are left in a separate place. During the counting of goods, the commission is divided into two groups. Each group lists the item separately. The groups are equipped with special equipment, it can be barcode scanners, or other devices intended for controlling inventory. After the end of the recalculation, the results are checked, if there are discrepancies, they are recalculated. The data obtained is compared with the quantity of the goods according to the report.

The chairman of the commission, with the help of the database administrator, processes the results of the inventory of goods in the warehouse and draws up a report.

Talman also provides services for the receipt and shipment of your goods. If necessary, packaging and labeling of products is carried out.

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