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Warehouse logistic

Development and implementation of warehouse management using WMS

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How the warehouse management system works

Warehouse accounting is carried out using a special warehouse management program - WMS Qguar pro, thanks to which you can increase the transparency of all operations with goods - control possible unauthorized actions of employees, find and correct errors that they make. The WMS system is capable of creating a large number of tasks, which significantly increases the efficiency of the workflow. It is used to facilitate business administration, since all accounting and logistics processes can be combined into one unit.

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Our advantages

Years of experience with WMS

We have been conducting automated accounting since the appearance of warehouse software in Ukraine

Full package of services

We will compile an electronic list of units, set up an accounting system, train employees

Providing a base

We will help you install and configure software and equipment for an automated accounting system

Quality service

Certified warehouses, qualified personnel and timely order fulfillment


Years of work


Satisfied customers


Total number of cars


We have handled tons of cargo

Why Talman warehouses?

Talman offers a Class A warehouse. This is not a converted old building, but a building that was built specifically for the purpose of organizing a warehouse, located near a traffic intersection, made of lightweight structures and has a floor covering.

When placing a cargo in Talman warehouse, you can track its condition and location using geolocation, an internal cargo accounting system and video cameras. Complete safety and the best storage conditions!

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Warehouse logistics from Talman – a guarantee of safe storage of goods

Running a business successfully and efficiently means increasing the stages of production of goods, and this entails the need for proper storage of products. Logistic warehouses are necessary so that the products, which will be further distributed among consumers, can be stored correctly. Most often, small companies do not have their own warehouses, so warehouse services are extremely relevant for them.

Logistic warehouses – more than just storage

Warehouse logistics is operations with goods, in which absolutely all responsibility for the safety and integrity of the cargo lies with the company that offers warehouse services. Manipulations with the cargo are performed according to the signed contract, it is a guarantee of the quality of the work performed.

Warehouse logistics from Talman implies the implementation of such works:

The logistics of the Talman warehouse meets all modern requirements, since it implies new cargo handling technologies, the use of high-tech equipment and cooperation exclusively with qualified personnel.

Warehouse logistics from Talman – saving time and money

Warehouse logistics is one of the many services offered by Talman. We are a full-fledged and experienced logistics operator that provides a range of services for handling, moving and customs clearance of goods. Warehouse storage services cover export, import and transit cargo. The company is fully responsible for the customer’s cargo – from the stage of its acceptance to dispatch. At the same time, Talman warehouse logistics implies taking into account the individual characteristics and characteristics of the cargo and the wishes of the client.

Storage and handling of goods implies significant time and financial costs, because logistic warehouses need to be maintained, hired qualified personnel and use modern software for smooth and well-organized work. If not completely avoided, then such costs can be significantly minimized simply by ordering warehouse services from real professionals.

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