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Warehouse inventory counting

Предоставление WMS-решений для учета и инвентаризации склада

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Warehouse management

Warehouse accounting in the WMS system

Warehouse inventory

Warehouse accounting in the WMS system

The use of WMS software for accounting and tracking of goods allows you to increase the efficiency of warehouse processes and reduce possible losses. Fast, simple and automated.

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Warehouse inventory

Carrying out an inventory using WMS will help to streamline the storage of goods and cargo, create an electronic register of units and provide a basis for the development of an integrated automated accounting system.

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Our advantages

Years of experience with WMS

We have been conducting automated accounting since the appearance of warehouse software in Ukraine

Full package of services

We will compile an electronic list of units, set up an accounting system, train employees

Providing a base

We will help you install and configure software and equipment for an automated accounting system

Quality service

Accounting is carried out as soon as possible and without interruption of work in the warehouse

Warehouse accounting – ensuring uninterrupted commodity circulation

No enterprise can function without a well-established inventory of the warehouse. Warehouses are used not only for storing products, but also in order to ensure uninterrupted commodity circulation. To do this, it is necessary to develop a full-fledged complex of works, consisting of acceptance of goods, placement and storage and delivery of goods to the client. All these works are warehouse accounting, and it is extremely important to organize it rationally and competently.

What does warehouse accounting consist of?

Warehouse accounting is a series of procedures that include documenting different warehouse operations. The main ones are:

Most often, each operation involves the implementation of many different, smaller procedures. For example, goods are accepted according to the following scheme:

  1. Posting of goods from the customer;
  2. Taking cargo into account;
  3. Checking the cargo (whether it meets all the characteristics that are prescribed in the accompanying documentation).

Warehouse accounting is of the following types:

Warehouse accounting from Talman

Warehouse accounting is a complex and long process that is difficult to establish on your own, so it is much easier to entrust it to real professionals. When ordering accounting in a warehouse from Talman, you get the opportunity to:

  1. Control: 
  1. Optimize (using information from accounting documentation):


Besides, accounting in the warehouse is carried out by a specialized warehouse management program WMS Qguar pro, which helps to increase the transparency of all operations with goods – to control possible unauthorized actions of employees, to find and fix mistakes that they can make.

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