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Outsourcing of a warehouse

Delegation of tasks for the storage and management of inventory

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Warehouse work

Pre-sale preparation

Warehouse accounting in the WMS system

The use of WMS software for accounting and tracking of goods allows you to increase the efficiency of warehouse processes and reduce possible losses. Fast, simple and automated.

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Warehouse inventory

Carrying out an inventory using WMS will help to streamline the storage of goods and cargo, create an electronic register of units and provide a basis for the development of an integrated automated accounting system.

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Our advantages

Video surveillance and security of premises

All warehouses are equipped with alarms, video surveillance and motion sensors

All necessary storage equipment

The room is equipped for various types of storage and, if necessary, can be converted

Wide range of related services and products

Loading and unloading, cargo delivery, repackaging in the warehouse and full inventory in WMS

Convenient location and infrastructure

The warehouse has a well-equipped entrance and is located near the main transport routes

Warehouse outsourcing from Talman: the best solution

Sometimes enterprises give preference to the content of products that they produce in their own warehouse, but very often problems can arise, since it is not always possible to create the necessary conditions in such a warehouse. That is why warehouse outsourcing has recently begun to spread in Ukraine. Trusting Talman, the company has a lot of time to develop its business, and at the same time, the confidence that their products are protected.

Outsourced warehouse or your own?

Outsourced warehouse service includes:

The outsourcing company in the field of warehouse logistics will provide unhindered access to the rented warehouse at any time convenient for you, as well as take care of the safety of the premises – it will make it impossible for a fire to occur, and access to unauthorized persons is prohibited. An outsourced warehouse is a very profitable solution, since all questions about staff recruitment and training are included in its responsibilities. The warehouse operator has the necessary handling equipment, the premises are specially equipped.

Warehouse outsourcing provides a number of benefits. Among them:

Warehouse outsourcing with Talman: saving finances and resources

Talman company provides all necessary conditions for the safe storage of various types of goods. A team of professionals are attentive to the performance of their duties and respect the company’s clients. All goods that have been entrusted are stored responsibly and with high quality.

The A-class warehouse complex meets all modern requirements, and in turn implements outsourcing of warehouse services. Customers are provided with all information about the availability and condition of their goods in the warehouse, clarify all tariffs, storage conditions, and also organize effective management of warehouse processes. Warehouse outsourcing also provides a reliable security system, modern equipment for storing and moving goods.

The main task of the Talman company is always and on time to provide the client with the necessary information, which is very important for efficient warehouse logistics, transportation and distribution of goods. 

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