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Talman>News>Despite martial law, TALMAN continues to invest

Despite martial law, TALMAN continues to invest

In these difficult conditions, Talman continues to work, providing customers with high-level services, as well as investing in development, modern technologies and its employees. So, the other day we bought another new electric car, and presented it to our employee, Rozputniy Alexander, Gavrilenko Vitaly became the happy owner of the car, for many years of joint work and a significant contribution to the development of the company.

A car with an electric motor is a “transport of the future” – a fast, convenient and economical car, we hope that it will serve Alexander and Vitaly for a long time and will help in achieving all the tasks and goals.

Investments in modern technologies allow us to move forward, keep up with the times and provide customers with a high level of service. A contribution to the staff is an additional way of motivation that stimulates development.

The Talman team works as an integral mechanism in which employees are united by common values. Every day we work to ensure that every client in need of warehousing or logistics services can receive a high level of service and close all business needs on favorable terms.

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