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Fulfillment services

A full range of services for the processing of goods from the moment of receipt to the moment of sending to the client

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What is fulfillment

Order fulfillment is a whole range of services performed from the moment the customer places an order until the moment they receive the goods. The most popular such business service is for online stores. Fulfillment means storing goods in a warehouse, accepting and processing orders, packing and delivering goods, and, if necessary, working with returns.

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Order fulfillment with Talman

Talman offers an efficient fulfillment service. A modern class "A" warehouse allows you to keep products safe and sound. Qualified personnel promptly perform all the necessary actions with the goods - packaging, labeling and packaging.

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Our advantages

Video surveillance and security of premises

All warehouses are equipped with alarms, video surveillance and motion sensors

All necessary storage equipment

The room is equipped for various types of storage and, if necessary, can be converted

Wide range of related services and products

Loading and unloading, cargo delivery, repackaging in the warehouse and full inventory in WMS

Convenient location and infrastructure

The warehouse has a well-equipped entrance and is located near the main transport routes

Fulfillment from Talman – a comprehensive solution for trade development

In the field of e-commerce around the world, fulfillment services have been active for over 20 years, helping to improve and develop trade, increasing sales of small stores. Fulfillment service is a complex of procedures during which the goods are accompanied from the moment of ordering until the moment they are issued to the client.

Order fulfillment sees:rvic basic and additional

Customer orders can take a long time to collect, and deliveries are delayed due to staff errors, resulting in negative reviews. The fulfillment center conducts coordinated work with clients.

Basic fulfillment services:


Fulfillment services can also imply the performance of additional functions: call center services, creation of photo and video content for the site, creation of thoughtful advertising. Customers independently choose the services and tasks to be performed.

Fulfillment service with Talman: everything is thought out to the smallest detail

Receiving goods from a supplier, he is placed in a special fulfillment warehouse, where the products are prepared for shipment. Errors when accepting goods are minimized, since the fulfillment service is very well thought out and takes into account all wishes. A special barcode is applied to the goods, therefore, all goods are taken into account, regardless of the total volume of the batch. According to the fulfillment service, all actions with the goods can take place under the supervision of cameras.

Talman specialists pick the goods according to the instructions set by the customer. He can also determine the need to supplement the product with business cards, bonuses that customers receive when ordering, and samples. Only those packers who have been trained are allowed to work; they use professional equipment in their work. If the need arises, workers apply protective materials that ensure the integrity of the transport of goods. The fulfillment center organizes timely and hassle-free delivery, as it works with regular partners.

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