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The class A warehouse complex of the TALMAN company meets all the modern requirements of warehouse logistics, which makes it possible to implement such a popular type of service as warehouse outsourcing.

Warehouse outsourcing is the most complete range of services with a range of services, including warehouse rent, warehouse logistics, safekeeping of goods, customs clearance. The close proximity to Kiev has its advantages, both for transit cargo and for local companies in Kiev and the region.

The company’s specialists, professionals in their field, guarantee an individual and comprehensive approach to incoming orders.
We offer a wide range of services that exist on the market, including: modern warehouse logistics, safekeeping, transportation, temporary storage of goods, starting from the receipt of goods and ending with fast packaging, marking and dispatch to the agreed destination.

The tariff schedule for warehouse outsourcing is calculated individually

With outsourcing, you pay only the cost of actual operations, and all staff costs are borne by us. You are not worried that the storekeeper may get sick or the loader may not come to work.

For you, the costs of handling one unit of cargo traffic are minimized due to the large number of Clients we serve and the volume of cargo. You are not worried about the maintenance and maintenance of warehouse equipment, accounting of fuels and lubricants, materials.

We will free the heads of companies – our clients from the need for constant distraction on warehouse issues, as a result of which the top management will be able to concentrate on the strategy and tactics of business development.

We are working to make you appreciate the benefits of working with us.

Your goods will be protected and in perfect condition; we will advise and prepare all the necessary documentation, we will keep warehouse records, as well as tracking and monitoring with further inventory, selection of orders, their formation at the request of the client, applying barcodes, sticking, etc.

We will free you from controlling the work of warehouse employees, we will surprise you with high-quality and timely execution of all work processes.

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