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  • 24/7 access to goods in safekeeping warehouse 24/7
  • Optimal location of the Talman’s safekeeping warehouse near the motorway
  • Low price for the provided complex of services, both under the Safekeeping Agreement and for the additional accompanying related logistics operations and services from the Talman company necessary for the client
  • Talman company owns all the necessary warehouse equipment and equipment that you may need to quickly resolve complex logistics problems. We constantly monitor the good condition of our equipment and analyze all the novelties of the logistics technology market in order to speed up and improve all the processes of the supply chain as much as possible.
  • When organizing secure storage in Kiev, the Talman company provides you with the opportunity to remotely manage your warehouse stock
  • You can always receive from us a report on the work done: on any movement of the cargo, changes in its status, the current balance in the safekeeping warehouse, etc.
  • Responsible storage from the Talman Company implies, among other things, the temporary storage of your goods for a period of 1 week
  • Our specialists are guaranteed to ensure the integrity and safety of any cargo transferred to us for safekeeping
  • Talman company provides several levels of security, including round-the-clock security, access system, video surveillance of the entire safekeeping warehouse
  • We have created optimal conditions for safe storage, which we can easily lead to the necessary individual indicators for each group of your goods. The ability to quickly and flexibly change the temperature regime, humidity level, etc.
  • Working with us under the Safekeeping Agreement, you will avoid staff costs and disruptions in the shipping schedule due to his possible illness or vacation
  • In case of responsible storage with Talman, you will never be distracted by questions about the current and major repairs of the premises, payment of utilities, etc.
  • We guarantee high quality, speed and accuracy of any logistic operations under the Safekeeping Agreement
  • Providing packaging materials to ensure the highest quality of custody services
  • Also, our specialists, within the framework of safekeeping, analyze the expiration dates and always provide relevant information in advance.
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