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What is service fulfillment

Fulfillment is a set of operations that the seller of goods performs from the moment the buyer places an order until the moment he receives the purchase.

Fulfillment for online stores

Among our clients, fulfillment services in Kiev are most often in demand among online stores and marketplaces. Since maintaining your own warehouse, warehouse equipment and warehouse personnel, especially for start-up online stores, can be too costly and troublesome. In such cases, it is easier and more profitable to turn to professionals for services and outsource the organization of the warehouse. This is a quick and correct solution.

Fulfillment services from Talman Logistics include services for storing goods in a warehouse, as well as forming, packing and sending received orders from an online store to a delivery service.

What processes are carried out in our fulfillment warehouse in Kiev

  • warehouse storage of goods;
  • receiving and processing orders;
  • picking and packing orders;
  • receiving payment from customers;
  • delivery of orders;
  • work with returns.

Benefits of working with fulfillment centers Talman Logistic

The main advantages of fulfillment logistics include cost optimization and goods acceptance.

Fulfillment center Talman Logistik accepts goods by pallets and by the piece. Before accepting the goods, our employees carefully inspect the integrity of the packaging. You can be sure that each item will be counted and marked with a special barcode. The client receives reports on the balance of goods in the warehouse every day.

Goods storage

We provide fulfillment services in our A+ class warehouse in Kiev, with a total area of ​​more than 10,000 m2. The warehouse is equipped with all modern technologies in warehouse logistics. Ventilation and air conditioning systems provide constant temperature and humidity control.

For small goods in the fulfillment warehouse of Talman Logistics, there are separate zones – a mezzanine. This is a specially allocated part of the warehouse, on which shelving structures with overlapping (shelves) are installed on which small goods are stored in boxes, and it is convenient for the picker to move around and collect piece goods to form an online order.

We do not work with any goods, for example, we will not store what the law prohibits selling remotely: medicines, cigarettes. There are many companies that specialize in only one category of goods – fashion, electronics. Sometimes operators do not work with bulky goods, such as furniture and appliances.

Improving the quality and speed of delivery of ready-made shipments

After placing an order, our employees immediately begin to work on picking and sending. It is important for us that the buyer receives his order as quickly as possible. As a rule, fulfillment operators cooperate with several Ukrainian delivery services at once. And also customers are provided with full information about the package – location, route.

Working with returns

For any online store owner, returns are a pain. As a rule, many fulfillment companies are ready to process returns themselves. This task is of particular relevance when it comes to the trade of clothing and footwear.

Optimization of packaging costs

Packing the goods so that nothing prevents them from reaching safe and sound is a difficult task. Packaging – bubble wrap, various boxes – the operator includes in the price of the tariff.

IT Cost Reduction

For efficient management and automation of warehouse processes in our warehouses, the warehouse management system WMS Qguar Pro is used.

Reducing staff costs

Only highly qualified personnel work in our warehouse. For 25 years in the warehouse logistics market, the specialists of the Talman logistics company know how to organize warehouse processes from receiving cargo to the moment it is sent.

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