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In the 21st century, if the warehouse does not have an automated management system – accounting for goods, storage, inventory and management of other processes, then there is no need to talk about the effectiveness of business management and competitiveness.

The main essence of warehouse management automation is the transfer of control over processes to a computer – reducing the human factor, reducing errors and clutter – full control is transferred to the management of the system, which as a result increases the efficiency of warehouse processes and increases business profitability.

The WMS system implemented in warehouse business processes provides everything that happens in the warehouse with an integrated software solution that increases productivity, facilitates management and transparency of warehouse operations.

The WMS program  (from English WarehouseManagementSystem) in its functionality consists of two parts. One part acts as a base and carries the functions of managing the receipt, storage and warehousing of goods.

The “second part” (due to the fact that the WMS program has a large number of versions) consists of software “sharpened” for solving specific problems, and often specific companies. This “second part” of WMS allows this system to show its effectiveness for different types of goods, types of warehouses, types of activities of companies and is one of the best and most versatile programs in this area.

At the same time, the developers of the WMS program made it possible to develop and supplement the functionality, thereby expanding the capabilities of the program and making it unique for certain types of business.

Additional WMS functionality:

  • Warehouse activity planner;
  • Control over the receipt, packaging or shipment of goods;
  • Automatic inventory;
  • Warehouse stock management;
  • Automation of the company’s document flow, automatic reporting according to the required parameters;
  • Human resources management, etc.

The WMS system is in demand for various types of business where accounting and movement of goods is required – whether in a store, in a warehouse or in a large logistics company.

Our company does not lag behind modern trends, because the WMS system fully serves both the company and our clients, greatly facilitating business, eliminating errors and increasing profits.

Thanks to the advantages of the WMS program, Talman:

  • Provides its customers with accurate information about the quantity of goods, its location or movement;
  • ПAllows you to rationally place goods and cargo, taking into account their quantity, dimensions, chemical or physical properties and use the warehouse area as efficiently as possible;
  • All automated warehouse operations at Talman help to simplify and reduce the time spent on processing information and obtaining reports, for example, during inventory;
  • It should also be noted that the provision of information by the system in real time allows not only to track the client’s goods, but also to effectively use the basic rules for the rotation of goods, for example, the FIFO (First In, First Out) rule, which allows you to always follow the order of export goods and the terms of its storage.
  • Rational management of warehouse equipment and machinery allows the system to build such routes and types of work for loading equipment, as a result of which operating costs, labor and time costs for certain manipulations with goods – loading, unloading, moving, etc., are reduced.

This entire complex of automated WMS program allows us to provide our customers with full-fledged warehousing services for safekeeping.

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