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Secure storage in Kiev over the past decade has become the norm for both large and small businesses. The current situation on the market for the sale of goods, both in Ukraine and throughout the world, is a consequence of high and rather tough competition from all market players, including buyers of goods. Without optimization by the manufacturer (or distributor) of absolutely all costs on the way of the product – from the moment of its production to the final receipt of any product by the buyer, no matter where in the world it is located – it is impossible to win the competition.

Therefore, in recent years, many may have noticed the huge dynamics of growth in the number of both small owners of goods and large companies that choose the best way to reduce the cost of the goods they offer, by lowering the level of costs for storage, distribution and subsequent delivery of goods to the buyer – that can only allow safekeeping.

Also, do not forget about the costs of organizing warehouse accounting of goods and internal management accounting by the personnel of your company, not to mention the purchase and maintenance of far from cheap warehouse equipment and equipment. Responsible storage is a simple way out of the dead end in the labyrinth of logistics operations, into which many owners find themselves and from which they have been unable to get out for many years.

If you intend to engage, specifically, in the development of your business and, productively, purposefully seek new sales markets, and not immerse yourself and your team in the bondage of warehouse accounting, then making a decision on cooperation on the basis of a Safekeeping Agreement with Talman Company will be your first correct step ! Secure storage from the Talman company – simplifies and disciplines your commodity flows.

If you have not previously encountered safe storage, then at first, and very superficial glance, you may not see all the benefits of safe storage in Kiev, but if you calmly and consistently make an accurate calculation, as you will immediately notice, in addition to obvious economic benefits, and a number of others competitive advantages of secure storage.


  1. Depending on the period and terms, we provide responsible storage as:

    • For a long period – responsible long-term storage, without limiting the storage period
    • Temporary storage – you can always organize a “transshipment point” or a temporary warehouse for operational storage in Kiev
  2. Depending on the storage method, our safekeeping offer implies:

    • Shelving storage – with the possibility of multi-level placement of goods on metal structures, with the additional use of special warehouse equipment for loading and unloading operations
    • Floor storage – goods are stacked on a pallet without the use of racks or stands
  3. Depending on the method of safe storage, we are ready to offer:

    • Pallet storage in Kiev – the goods are stacked at the required pallet place “EuroAmerican”
    • Individual storage – without pallets.
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